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It’s time to enrich your arsenal with Xnail Nail enhancer serum. Created from natural oils and vitamins, Xnail quickly give your hands well-groomed look, and constant use of the product will solve the problem of thin, brittle nails and dry cuticles for long.

Our nails deserves and requires as much attention as our skin. Our nails are most exposed parts of our body and can easily become soft and brittle. If you want to have beautiful nails you must also take good care of the skin around the nails because it protects from bacteria and prevents infection. Bad nails may also be signs of unhealthy body – everything from vitamin deficiency to skin diseases.

Almeas Xnail is an effective solution for our cuticles and stronger nails! Xnail contains safflower oil, keratin and vitamins that provides hydration and protection and care of our nails. Through a natural, balanced and effective combination of ingredients Xnail ensures that these ingredients penetrate into the root of the nail and provide the nutrition they need!

Cuticle Oil softens the skin and gently loosens the cuticle from the nail. This will allows the nail to grow freely and provides a perfect nail contour so that the nail can grow faster!

How to use Xnail

Use Xnail daily (preferably before bedtime). Apply the oil to cuticles and massage careful few minutes.

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