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Trends will always come and go, and while some thankfully stick around for years, there are some we are all glad to see the back of. Even though it isn’t always about following trends, there can be some little gems that are more about promoting good skincare, eyebrow care and body care in general than about how good it looks on a runway model. Most of the time, these looks never translate the way they were intended when us mere mortals try to give them a go anyway, and sometimes it’s best to leave it to the professionals, or until there are some good tutorials to help you achieve a look.

It can take a while before trends filter down through makeup artists, influencers and creators, to become something that we can attempt at home, or confidently be able to request at our next beauty appointment. So as the summer draws to a close, what new trends that have us all screaming “take my money!” await us this autumn? And more importantly, what will outlast the colder months and see us through until next summer and beyond?

Brushed Up Brows

This may not be a new trend this year, but as we are finally allowed to leave our houses and let ourselves shine in ways the last 18 months have been preventing, the brushed-up brow is a vibe that encourages you to shout, “I’m back!” without having to actually shout it. This look really lets your eyebrows do all the talking.

The good thing about this trend, as well as a lot of others, is that it can transform your face in different ways – from lifting the eyes to creating a stronger definition and focal point, brushed-up brows are like the face lift you always wanted but would never dare to try.

To achieve this look, start with an eyebrow pencil to fill in areas that are little sparse. Don’t overdo it with a heavy pencil, but something that matches or is close to your natural brow colour just to create the shade and make your brows look more even. Keep lines thin and wispy rather than filling your brows in like a colouring book to achieve a natural look.

Next, using an eyebrow gel wand, start to brush through your eyebrows from the centre of your face and out toward the end later on, and use upward brush strokes while trying to lift the hairs away from the skin and not flat to it. When you get to the arch, start to brush outward which will help avoid a two-dimensional shape. Use a setting gel to set the hairs in place without making them look too sticky and you will have the brushed-up brow look down within no time.

Laminated Brows

This trend is relatively new and has taken the eyebrow world by storm in such a short amount of time. Taking the brushed-up eyebrow trend to a new level, laminated eyebrows are a usually done professionally, creating that same brushed up shape, but on a more permanent basis. A good lamination can last around 6 weeks and leaves your eyebrows in your ideal shape without having to put in any effort.

Eyebrow lamination has been compared to a perm, as it essentially moulds your eyebrow hairs into a straighter shape, encouraging them to stay and grow upward using a chemical lifting cream. It is important with brow lamination to keep the eyebrow hairs and follicles really healthy so that they are healthy and strong throughout the process and beyond.

While this process can be quite affordable and looks fantastic, it does come with its own risks, in that the products and chemicals being applied can be quite harsh on thin skin such as the skin around and underneath your eyebrows. When this area is prone to irritation anyway, it can mean that some people will not react well to this kind of trend. But hey, there’s always the brushed-up brow to fall back on if this is the case.

Bushy Brows

When we thankfully kissed thin and barely there eyebrows goodbye in the mid 2000’s, the only way to ensure that trend stayed away for a long time was to do the complete opposite and thus, bushy brows were a thing. This trend has not gone away, and it will always look amazing no matter what time of year.

The issue with this trend is that not everyone has naturally full or bushy eyebrows and it can be harder to achieve when we know hair doesn’t just grow in places it didn’t before. The good thing is, all is not lost when bushy eyebrows are your vibe, and all it takes is a little patience and some new makeup tools to help you get there.

First you want to invest in a good eyebrow serum that will help your eyebrows grow back a little faster and a lot stronger and fuller than they were before. It can take a few weeks to notice the difference, but even adding the weight and natural extracts to your eyebrows can add to each individual hair’s volume and vibrancy. Once you incorporate this kind of eyebrow serum into your daily beauty routine, you will soon be in a position where bushy brows can be achieved.

Then you want to try a powder and an angled brush to get those gaps filled in. The powder will start to cling to the hairs for that fullness you desire. Start in the centre of the eyebrow using featherlike strokes outward to create a multi-dimensional shape that doesn’t look like an eyebrow has been painted onto your face. Go back to the start of your eyebrows with lighter strokes or a slightly less pigmented shade so that your eyebrows don’t look too clumpy.

Now all bushy brows have to be kept in check and using powder to fluff up your eyebrows without setting them will end up messy, and the makeup will start to fall away pretty soon. A tip for this is to use a bar of soap to help set your brows and freshly applied eyebrow powder in place, by wetting the soap and using an eyebrow brush or spoolie to brush the soap through the eyebrows. To keep them looking more bushy than laminated, still brush upward, but don’t be afraid to mess them up a little bit to keep them looking a bit rough and natural.

Defined Arches

For quite some time now, people have fought against that defined arch, leaving their brows a little more natural and less afraid of missing those little hairs that sit directly under the arch. Well, 2021 has different ideas, and a trend that is really eager to come back is the defined arch.

Don’t be too scared though, this doesn’t mean ultra-thin eyebrows are making a come back any time soon, but the shape of the arch is well and truly becoming a thing of focus. For so long, we have had to wear masks when out and about, and the only thing we had to convey our mood or personality was out eyes. Well, now that eyebrow technicians are back in business, brows have also decided to join the party!

The trick with this trend is to follow your natural arch and not create a new one but keeping stray hairs away while the rest of the eyebrow still looks brushed and feathery. Arches that are too high can make you look permanently shocked or even angry if your centres are pointed quite low.

Try to visit your eyebrow technician for threading or waxing if you want to define your arch but not end up removing too many hairs and you will be right on trend for autumn 2021!

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