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Wearing Makeup While Wearing a Mask

Seeing people wear masks out and about is so normal these days and is fast becoming part of many people’s lives. As they tend to cover the majority of our faces when we do wear them, some might say it’s pointless even bothering with makeup underneath, but for a lot of people, wearing makeup is a way of gathering normalcy in a crazy and hectic world. The act of even applying makeup can help keep the same sense of routine that you’ve always had and wearing it can make you feel like yourself. Following on from our recent post about keeping your make up clean we ara going to enter the mask!

When it comes to our own identities, it is important to carry on with what we are most comfortable with in times like these and even use the time to push our boundaries and experiment with new ideas. As someone who wears makeup to even go to the local shop, I feel all of the above sentiments greatly and am certainly going to keep my identity through makeup and perhaps even venture into the new with varying styles.

For the most part, when wearing a mask, the only features that people can see are eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes, so while we focus on how to wear makeup under the mask that is convenient and won’t be harmful to the skin, it is really time to let the eyes shine and speak the words that our mouths can’t.

Sure, I acknowledge that makeup may be the least of a lot of people’s worries right now, but I do validate the opinion that whatever is keeping you happy while being safe and healthy at the same time should be what drives you forward. And if learning a new technique or two in how to wear makeup while wearing a mask is going to make you happy then you should definitely embrace it.


To start with and most importantly, let’s talk about masks. There are rules and guidance circulating all over the world about how you should wear them, when you should wear them and what they should be made of. So, of course the options seem endless, and not everybody has access to surgical masks. So, if you are going to make or buy your own, try to look for some material that is 100% cotton for breathability and protection.

Synthetic materials tend to allow the build up of excess moisture, don’t offer the best protection and can cause irritation to the skin if worn for long periods of time. Assuming that you are wearing your mask when out and about shopping, visiting family or travelling on public transport and not in a medical capacity, you want to ensure that the ones you are wearing are comfortable enough to stay put on your face without touching it and if you are intending to re-use them that they are washable and won’t lose their protective integrity in the process.

Remember that if you are intending to wear makeup beneath the mask, it will easily collect oils and stains from the makeup and will need washing at a high temperature to make sure it is clean and sterilised for your next outing.


It is important to put masks onto a clean face so always keep up with a good nightly and morning cleansing routine and remember to wash your hands and face after removing your mask. This is important for antibacterial purposes, but to help your skin out a little if you are intending to wear your mask for a long time, try and stick to cleansers with added hydration and moisturising properties that will act as a barrier to protect the skin from any irritation. Hyaluronic acid is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, so it is good to look for a cleanser or moisturiser with this ingredient.

Wearing a mask can cause friction and heat build up which makes the skin vulnerable to irritation and the oil build up can cause retention that can lead to breakouts or rashes, especially as we are dealing with a hot summer. The excess heat and breath beneath the mask will probably mean you should change your mask often, so it is a good idea for your health and your skin to either purchase or make more than one.

Wearing foundation whilst wearing a mask is not highly recommended for hygiene reasons, so if you are concerned about the effects of wearing makeup underneath the mask then try to avoid it and stick to a light, tinted moisturiser or BB cream that is not oil based if you feel too bare without it. Applying a good primer beforehand will also help your makeup to stay put.

On top of the health priority, remember with excess heat and moisture trapped under your mask, foundation tends to move around and when you finally do come to taking it off, it will look clumpy and streaky and definitely not the desired or intended effect.

Eye Makeup

Your eyes are the most visible feature on show when you are wearing a face mask so if you can bring your makeup focus there you’ll be onto a winning formula whilst looking great and protecting the skin under your mask. Start with concealer by targeting dark areas such as under the eyes, and only using as much as you really need to. Warm air may rise as you breath through your mask and it could start to become cakey after a couple of hours. If you have a mattifying concealer to help you along then I would recommend it.

Now its onto the fun stuff! Making your eyes pop could come easily to you or you may need a few helpful hints if you are used to just wearing a bit of mascara and calling it a day. So, let’s take a look at what is big in the summer trends for eye makeup and how to use them to let your personality shine through, even while wearing a mask.

Highlights – This season it is all about letting your eyes do all the talking, especially if you will be wearing a mask while out and about, at work or on public transport. So, it’s all about keeping things bright, light and airy. The best way to do this with your eye shadow is to use highlights to really make your eyes stand out.

Really focus on the inner corners of your eyes, your brow bone and the main body of your upper eyelids, by using a lighter shadow to bring your eyes forward. Blend carefully so that you end up with smooth lines and go for darker shadow in the creases and outer corners to keep up with a smoky eye if that is what you are used to wearing. Highlighting the eyes will be an easy way to lighten up the areas at the top half of your face and make the rest of your eye makeup stand out from the crowd.

This summer think candy floss pinks, playful mauves, baby blues and mermaid greens for your glittery eyes and even play around with a few different colours to bring those eyes back to life. Try to use it on the lower lid as well as the upper eyelid and draw it delicately out toward the outer edges of your eye to create an eye-catching horizontal line that draws attention. Curve it upward toward the outer points of your eyebrow for a bit more evening sophistication.

Super Sharp Eyeliner – Recently, there may not have been much need to pay attention to your eyes so much and I have certainly fallen prey to the cycle of wearing a little bit of black kohl liner to make it through the day with ease. But in the interests of making your eyes pop while wearing a mask, its is now all about sharp, crisp lines and razor points to define your eyes.

A great gel eyeliner and a steady hand or a gel pen eyeliner is the perfect way to achieve this look and have a neat, jet-black outline to finish off your eye makeup style whether you chose to opt for shimmery eye shadow or your preferred neutral tones. Start carefully by marking your wings and where you want them to finish beyond the outer corners of your eyes and fill in all of the gaps as close to the lash line as possible. A sleek wing is just what the look calls for to claim your identity while wearing a mask.

Exaggerated Eyelashes – It might be long past due for your eyelash extension appointment, but with any luck, your eyelashes will be in great shape after having a much needed break from falsies, extensions and mascara if you haven’t been wearing it as often as you normally would.

Now that wearing a mask has become so normal, it is time to let your eyelashes loose and emphasise their colour and shape. It is important to keep up with eyelash care routines that you may have adopted over the last few months to maintain their healthy glow and accelerated growth from eyelash growth serums, but as long as you are keeping this in mind then get exaggerating those eyelashes to really make your eyes pop.

Whether jet-black lengthening mascara is your choice, perhaps a volumizing mascara, or false eyelashes, as long as you are cleansing your eyelashes properly at the end of the day, get into the spirit of full and fun eyelashes that really show off your personality behind that mask.

Tidy Eyebrows – Seeing as they are one of the only features that are going to be on show when you are wearing your mask, it might be time to get grooming if you have let this aspect slip over the last few months. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a fuller and thicker brow, in fact I encourage it and wish I had naturally fuller eyebrows myself, but when you have spent so much time making those eyes stand out with crisp and clean lines and immaculate eye shadow, leaving your eyebrows ungroomed will create a crazy aesthetic.

There is a lot you can do at home to get them looking sharp without causing yourself too much pain or without having access to threading or waxing appointments. Ensure you have a cooling gel or aloe vera present, a great pair of tweezers and a steady hand and get ready to grab a few of those strays that may have grown in under the brow or toward the outer corners. Don’t get too tweezer happy, this is just a little tidy up to get yourself mask ready for the outdoors.

Use a fine eyebrow pencil or gel to create lines in the direction of the individual hairs in your eyebrows, keep it sharp and straight toward the ends and if you need a little more definition, set with a powder or gel to keep them in place.

Mask Ready?

It may be a difficult adjustment at first to get yourself into a new makeup routine while taking considerations into whether you will need to wear a mask or not, but once you have the hang of it and learn to try out new makeup styles and apply different colours to your usual palette, you should be ready to go with your mask at hand and ready to wow everyone with those beautiful eyes.

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