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Hi, we’re Xlash Cosmetics.

We’re known for creating innovative formulas where the powers of nature are combined with modern scientific techniques.

Our first product, the Xlash Eyelash Serum, is loved by millions of people around the world, and we are incredibly proud of the diversity of our customers. At the core of everything we do there is an ambition to always produce products that can help to enhance true confidence by boosting your own natural features. No matter who you are and where you’re from, we want you to enjoy yourself.

Now, we’re really good at developing products that provide real results, but there are some things that we know that we can, should and will improve around our products. We need to take a responsible approach in our contribution to the welfare of our planet and society. We have defined our short-term goals first because we believe in taking quick actions and solving problems sooner rather than later. While we are working on the long-term strategies, we have identified short-term goals we can begin working with, within the field of people and planet 2021-2022.


Our goal is to work with suppliers, partners and distributors who take responsibility for both the environment and for their employees’ working conditions.

We support the basic and universal human rights laws, stated by the UN, and this must be respected and applied equally to all employees of Xlash Cosmetics regardless of the form of employment or level in the company. We do not endorse any form of working hours, salaries, and other terms of employment that are not compatible with national and local legislation.

We know that every move we do will have an impact on the environment and lives. Therefore, our focus for 2021-2022 is to find recyclable alternatives to our product packaging and postal packaging.

Our ambition is to find sustainable ways of shipping and we aim to continuously review our products, packaging, logistics and supply chain to find improvements and efficiencies in all flows. From our global shipping services, to the product packaging, down to removing single-use plastics in our head office cantina.

We will strive for our workplace to reflect the diversity of our customers and society at large. It’s incredibly important for us that all current, and potential, employees are treated fairly regardless of gender, transgender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion or other belief, ethnicity, disability or age. This means that we do not discriminate in recruitment, salary setting, skills development, promotion, dismissal or in our daily meetings together at work, or after work hours.

As a part of the beauty industry, It’s our responsibility to create and show a more inclusive environment, where our differences and diversity make us strong, where all souls and bodies are welcome and a planet where we can create beauty together.

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