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As we get older, our eyes need a little more help keeping their sparkle and staying young and fresh. We don’t always play it right or even at all when we are young and in our teenage prime as it can be hard to see how our eyes will change so drastically when those changes tend to be really subtle and appear over longer periods of time. The thing is, before we know it, we are looking in the mirror and wondering how fine lines, dry and sparse eyelashes and dark circles crept up on us, even though it definitely didn’t happen overnight.

The good news is, it isn’t completely irreversible even if it does require a little effort, and there are ways to rejuvenate those eyes using different methods and techniques that will have you turning back the clock on yourself and feeling like a brand-new person – or at least a brand-new version of yourself!

So, how do we do this, and what kind of work needs to be put in to bring our eyes back to life? Many people are looking for solutions that don’t involve invasive surgery, Botox or other equally uncomfortable cosmetic methods to set the clock back a few years, and the truth is, there are more simple, affordable and relaxing ways to rejuvenate those eyes. So, let’s explore and see what tips we have up our sleeves to bring those eyes back to life.

Natural Methods – Let’s start off simple with this and get to the bottom of why your eyes need a little rejuvenation. It could be that sleep has not been on your side through recent years and they are starting to look a little tired, or it could be that fine lines have found their way to the edges and underneath of your eyes through involuntary ageing – let’s face it, none of us really want to embrace it. Perhaps, you’ve put your eyes through years of makeup wearing and they just need a break from the lashings of mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner, and the skin around your eyes and eyelashes is starting to look a little dry.

Whatever the reason, there are natural remedies that it are worth trying out in the first instance to see if it is just a good pamper your eyes are in need of. This means putting some time aside for yourself and dedicating it to some self-care. This can be achieved simply by cleansing the skin and lying back with slices of cucumber over your eyes for 15-20 minutes while the world goes by around you. The hydration and anti-inflammatory properties in cucumber can give you instant results as far as puffiness and dry skin goes and the act of relaxation itself may be enough to give your eyes a fresh start for the day.s

Cold green-tea bags are another good remedy for redness and swelling around the eyes, where the antioxidant properties help rid the skin and surrounding eye area of impurities and infection. Green tea is also a great booster for your eyelashes, to help with strength and growth, giving your eyes a big head start in that area. It is not going to cost you much to try either of these methods out, and you may be grateful for the time to sit back and close your eyes, so looking for natural remedies could really help your eyes out.

Skin and Eyelash Care – If teabags and cucumbers aren’t cutting it for you, you may want to look into other ways of getting that sparkle back, and a lot of it has to do with what surrounds your eyes as opposed to the eyes themselves. When you can make them stand out in other ways, you are onto a winning formula!

For example, a good cleansing and moisturising routine is certainly going to help get those eyes looking really healthy, and this doesn’t just mean going for really expensive products just because they promise results but using what is good for you and works for you. As long as you are cleansing using products with gentle formulas for the eyes and allowing the skin breathing time before caking it in moisturiser, you will be doing your eyes a favour, especially in terms of fine lines and wrinkles.

There is also a lot to be said for massaging the skin using healing rollers or gua sha stones to uplift the eyes, reduce fine lines and remove blemishes and build up of lymphatic fluids. The cooling nature of jade or rose quartz allows you to use these stones to firmly push against the skin and pull in in directions to promote firmness and elasticity all at the same time. Used carefully around the eye area, they can really help with eye bags, dark circles and those annoying lines that sit next to your eyes like an age giveaway even when your eyes still have that sparkle.

In terms of your routine, it is good to use a serum or moisturiser to hydrate the skin, then use a rose quartz roller or gua sha stone to work with the moisturiser every night before bed, concentrating on the eye and eyebrow area. The difference in a matter of days may astound you.

For your eyelashes to feel the benefits of a good routine, you should be cleansing your makeup every single evening and then incorporating a good eyelash serum once your lashes are clean and clear of makeup and daily build up. Allow the eyelash serum to soak deep into the follicles and the skin directly around the eyes for stronger, longer and more vibrantly coloured eyelashes in just a few weeks.

By adding in just a few little extras into you skin and eyelash care routine, your eyes will be well on their way to feeling young and fresh once more.

Cooling Eye Pads – It seems that we know what we want, and those in charge are now beginning to deliver. To get the best of both worlds, in terms of natural remedies and skincare routines, you can always kill two birds with one stone and try cooling eye pads, designed to rejuvenate your eyes and provide hydration and long-lasting moisture for brighter skin, and reduced dark patches and lines. You can find products like these are much more convenient than having to drink a couple of cups of green tea just so you can wait for them to cool down to apply to your eyes, as they are as easy as applying them to your under-eye skin and being able to carry on with your normal routine while you wear them.

Xlash Rejuvenating Eye Pads are great for all of the above as they also contain caffeine that helps reduce puffiness and swelling, while feeling cool on the skin. When your eyes need that bit of help gaining their sparkle back, and a hectic lifestyle plays against it, a product like this can really do wonders without breaking the budget or being too time consuming.

Remember though, that once your eyes start to bounce back, it is important to stick to your new routine, and is even advisable to note down what works well and what could be changed a little so that you always know how to get it right. If you treat your eyes with care, you’ll be turning back the clock on your age for many years to come.

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