With the launch of our Lip Plump Serum Xlash UK now brings you a professional grade lip enhancer to complement our existing eyelash and eyebrow range, we have you covered. Now you can finally enhance the natural shape of your lips with no injections, no surgery and without the pain associated with some earlier lip plumping products, stay off the surgeons table and put away the needle! As with the rest of our range our lip enhancer is easy to use, works fast and of course it is cruelty free.

The plumper works by increasing the flow of blood to your lips to fill them out and create an improved natural shape. As we are enhancing what you have already there is no need to worry about finding the right product for your skin type or shade, it really is one size fits all. What better way to compliment your lashes than full, sumptuous lips? Finally, there is a non-surgical way to add moisture, definition and fullness to your lips.

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