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Mystical Makeup Ideas

It’s that time of year again where we need to start thinking about a new costume for Halloween! Or if you are like me, you’ve had it planned out since last November. I always tend to go with the current vibe with my costume and makeup on Halloween. Sometimes, it can be really cold and fresh and there will be an air of spookiness that calls for some scary makeup and costumes; other times you can’t escape the smell of pumpkins and the warmth of a spiced latte, which is where I pull out the cute Halloween dresses, pumpkin boppers and a pair of really warm tights.

This year is a lot different to previous years and for a lot of us, we don’t even know if Halloween is still on! But even though we may not be able to party like we used to, October 31st is always the perfect excuse to get creative with our makeup. So, even if your Halloween consists of you, your closest friend and a bottle of wine this year, if you really want to feel the part, you have to look the part!

Glittery Treats

When you think of mystical makeup, you can’t deny that glitter is always going to be a big part of it. Glitter can be one of the most frustrating makeup accessories – don’t even get me started, months down the line, you will still find it in places you never knew existed – but it will always look brilliant as an addition to any Halloween inspired makeup.

With the mystical theme in mind, when using glitter, I say keep it coming! The greatest thing about modern developments in makeup means that using glitter to accessorise your Halloween makeup is even easier and there are much wider choices today than there were 20 years ago when the only time you would think about using glitter was on a school craft project, much to the distain of your parents!

These days cosmetic glitter is everywhere, you can grab some from your local makeup store or online for a decent price and usually in different colours, sizes and shapes. For a mystical Halloween, try and grab some fine glitter dust in a deep turquoise or bright violet as well as some fine translucent or silver fine glitter and then finish off with some chunky glitter pieces in purples and blues and even a little black thrown in there for good measure.

To apply your glitter, you can use a number of sticky products that will help the glitter stay put on your skin; my personal favourite is petroleum jelly. It holds the glitter in place really well, doesn’t slide down your skin and leaves your skin feeling super soft afterward, so it’s a win-win. The downside is if you get too hot, it can melt and liquify causing your artistic glitter masterpiece to shift.For a downplayed Halloween makeup look, try adding some shimmery glitter to your upper lid to add highlights and then a couple of chunky pieces of purple and silver glitter to the outer corners of your eyes. To turn the mystical look up a few notches, work the shimmer out toward your temples, up to the corners of your hairline and down to the outline of your cheekbones. Add chunky glitter sporadically or create a more contoured vibe with stark shapes and patterns, using light glitter or highlight to emphasise.

Purple Sorcery

There is nothing more mystical than the colour purple. Often associated with magic and sorcery, it is the perfect colour to add to your palette this time of year to add an element of mystery to your makeup.

I love a bold purple eye with plenty of shimmer and just as much deep shadow to create the ultimate smoky effect. For darker eyes, keep colours a touch brighter with highlight toward the inner corners and main body of the upper eyelid, and for lighter eyes, experiment with different purples and silvers to bring out the flecks of blues and greens in the eyes. Finish the eye with dark purple and black shadow to the creases of the eyelid and lift the shape up by sweeping toward the outer corners of the eyebrows, blending carefully so it doesn’t look too blocky. Don’t forget to join a solid line of colour underneath the eye for that smoky eye look. Again, blend this carefully to create the beginnings of a purrfect cat’s eye.

Dazzling Black Eyeliner

Black eyeliner is a classic and a definite staple in anyone’s makeup kit, whether its kohl, gel or liquid, it is a must have for almost all of us. So, how do we make black eyeliner play along with the mystical makeup theme this Halloween? Well, it’s simple really, it just means getting a little bit more playful and creative and adding a touch of dazzling colour to really make those eyes pop.

The classic cat’s eye is the aim here, but with a little more emphasis to for a dazzling take on it. Start by using a liquid pen eyeliner or a steady hand and a gel brush to outline your desired shape over the top eyelid. I prefer to start by drawing on the shorter part of the point from the outer edge of the eye up toward the brow bone. The reason this is better to do first sometimes is that the line you draw here wants to be a continuation of the bottom water line in order to create a fluid cat’s eye that gives the impression that your eyes are longer and more upturned. It also shows you just where you need your top line to finish in order for it all to connect properly.

Once you are happy with where your outer line goes, for the top line, instead of starting from the inner corners or the eyes, start from a few millimetres past the centre of the eyelid and draw your line outward, curving around the edge of the eye and up toward the end of your brow to meet the other line you have already drawn in. This stops your eyeliner from looking too blocky, especially if you have larger or more protruding eyelids.

Fill in the blank space with your eyeliner of choice – for a crisp look I love to use Xlash Carbon Black Pen Eyeliner as it is super sharp, especially pigmented and it lasts all day and night. But for softer looks, kohl is a great choice at it is easily smudgeable for that extra smoky effect.
What you should end up with is a different take on the cat’s eye that compliments your already applied purple eyeshadow and adds a new dimension to your eyes by lifting their shape and adding that all important air of mystery this Halloween.

Exaggerated Eyelashes

No mystical makeup look would be complete without eyelashes. And if you want to be extra this year then false lashes are the way to go, after all when you have put so much effort into the eyes thus far, you might as well go the whole way with big and bold eyelashes. Even if you are understating your Halloween makeup this year, you can always make your eyes the main focus and downplay the rest of your face with a clean foundation look and minimal lipstick.

Now the thing is false eyelashes come in so many different shapes and sizes, it can be hard to know which one will work best for a mystical treat and specially to suit the makeup styles above. The obvious choice would be to go for a set of false eyelashes that have extra outward length and curl to exaggerate the cat eye that you will have created. But, if you do opt for this set, go easy on the curl and look more at the thickness and length of the lashes as layering is a better option and having the lengths look more uneven and even a bit messy will help them look more natural and will flatter the cat eye shape by not leaving it to look too sharp.

I also love full but wispy false eyelashes that have more body to the centre of the eye. Not too much if you are going for the mystical makeup look above, but enough so that it creates the illusion of a bigger eye and looks just a little bit more playful. Think lashes that reach up toward the eyebrow from the centre and not just the outer corners and you’ve got this look down.

Just be extra careful applying them and even more careful removing them at the end of the day, remembering to cleanse the makeup and adhesive off and moisturising your eyelids and eyelashes with an eyelash serum or some coconut oil before going to bed. Your eyelashes will thank you for this, trust me!

Mystical Lipstick

Halloween is not just for eyes, and although it’s easy for them to want to steal the limelight, lips are always in need of a chance to shine at this time of year too! On a normal day, coordinating colours based on what flatters, where you are going and what colours suite you is all that comes into consideration. But this is Halloween, so let all of your normal rules go out the window and show the world your true mystical self.

Where do we start with mystical lipstick? Well, the darker and fuller the better! I tend not to mix too many different textures all it can complicate the fluidity of the overall look. But in keeping with your purple and black eyes, reaching for purple and black lipstick is a good way to go. To go full mystical, line the lips black and fill in with solid black colour, emphasising your cupid’s bow by slightly overlining the lips. Add some coconut oil or petroleum jelly and brush in some glitter – all over for a starry night vibe, or just toward the centre to add volume to smaller lips.

If all over black lipstick is too much, then start with a deep purple and go for a two-tone look by blending black lipstick toward the corners. Contoured lips will help make the lips look fuller and it will hugely compliment the shapes and tones you have created on the eyes. For an even more daring lipstick look that would push your mystical makeup from Halloween daytime to Halloween party time, keep the two-tone thing in mind but go for a gradient. Starting with purple over to the left side of your lips and blending carefully into black on the right-hand side. This one is a bit trickier to get the lip lining and blending right but it will certainly pay off once the look is finished. Add small flecks of glitter to the black side for a heavy contrast and a makeup look that will dazzle the socks off your friends. Voila! Enjoy your mystical Halloween!

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