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Take care of your lips with intensive lip care from Xlash. Get fuller & moisturized lips at the same time with our lip plumper or choose our lip serum that moisturizes deeply and has anti-aging properties. Do not miss our latest drop – an amazing lip mask that works while you sleep. Lip care with long-lasting effect!


What Do Eyelash Serums Do?

What Do Eyelash Serums Do? Eyelashes are really having their day at the moment and isn’t it about time! When we see someone with naturally blessed long and full eyelashes, it’s easy for the green-eyed monster to show itself and stop at nothing until we have what they have. But what are the options? These […]

happy new year

New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

New Year’s Beauty Resolutions It’s that time again when we say goodbye to the last year and bring in new one, and what a tumultuous year 2020 was! With so many people adjusting their lifestyles to fit in with the new normal, it seems fitting that at the start of 2021 we do the same […]

Are Those Beauty Products Really Helping You?

Are Those Beauty Products Really Helping You? You know that old saying “less is more”? Have you ever wondered how true that is when it comes to your beauty products and makeup? It can be hard to keep up with what’s “in” right now, and even more difficult to know if the new recommended product […]


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