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How to get longer more voluminous lashes using mascara?

Long, gorgeous lashes are on most women’s wishing lists. Far from everybody is born with perfect lashes, though, and sometimes we simply have to cheat a little bit!

But how can you achieve those amazing lashes without getting expensive eyelash extensions? It’s not hard! Here are five tips that will help you!

1. Choose the right mascara for your lashes
The very first thing you need to do is to find a mascara that works for you. Identify what it is that you want to focus on most. Is it length or volume? If you don’t really know, chances are that what you really need is a good eyelash curler and a mascara that keeps them curled. After all, if you have long lashes but they are just sort of sticking out from your eyes, nobody will notice them!It is worth mentioning that it’s worth to splurge on mascara. The difference between budget brands and fancier ones is often gigantic. Cheap lengthening mascaras have a tendency to shed so that half of the mascara is under your eyes at the end of the day, which makes you look tired and your lashes dull.
The brush makes a big difference as well.

2. Use proper technique
The first thing you should do before you even apply your mascara is to apply either an eyeliner or a dark eyeshadow along the roots of your lashes. The line should be very thin (use a thin brush!) and will make your lashes look more voluminous.The next step is to curl your lashes. This alone will make them look longer and more defined. A regular curler normally does the trick, even if there are heat curlers available on the market nowadays.
Now, it’s finally time to apply the mascara. What you shouldn’t do, is starting in the middle and just combing some small strokes.
You want to start as close to the root as possible and wiggle it back and forth. At the same time, you wiggle it outwards and slowly close your eye. It prevents clumps, separates the lashes and makes the mascara evenly applied. Use the same technique for the lower lashes.

Want to see how it’s done?

1. Don’t use too much mascara
It is certainly tempting to coat your eyelashes with as much mascara as possible but remember that less is more! You want the result to look natural and not like you’ve tried too hard. If your mascara is quite new and you feel like there is too much product on the brush, you can always wipe it off a little bit before you start or scrape off the excess. It’s generally better to apply two thin coats than one thick.

2. Use an eyelash serum
Even though mascara can make a big difference, it’s always nice to naturally have long lashes. If you use Xlash eyelash serum every night for a few weeks, your lashes will become longer and more voluminous, which will make them look absolutely amazing when you put on mascara. After a while, you might even notice that you don’t even need to wear any at all!Many Xlash users have said that people have asked them if they were wearing false lashes when they’re only wearing mascara. What bigger complement?

3. Take good care of your lashes
It’s also a good idea to let the eyelashes rest from time to time. Always remove your mascara before you go to bed and try not to wear any on days when you stay at home. Try to only use waterproof mascara on days when you really need it, as it is much harder to remove, which is bad for the lashes.

One final thing you can do is to look after your health. Your hair, skin, and lashes are a result of what you eat and your general lifestyle.

It does take some time to become a pro at applying mascara, but it is well worth the practice!

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