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Get Ready for Prom- 5 Beauty Hacks that Work!

Finally time for prom! There’s no better feeling than dressing up like royalty for a night and party with your best friends. It’s a night full of glamour, long eyelashes, and high heels. And it’s a night for making memories, and accordingly, lots of pictures will be taken and posted to Instagram and other social media. It makes sense that you want to look your very best. But what can you do to become the best version of yourself? Here are five great beauty hacks that will make you look great, and that are easy to do!

Use Blotting Paper

No matter your skin type, after dancing for a few hours, you will start to look shiny, especially in the T-zone (the forehead, the nose, and the chin). This doesn’t only happen to people with oily skin, but can happen to anybody.

It’s tempting to bring your powder and just use it as soon as you start to feel a little bit shiny, but blotting paper is a much better option. Powder will just build up until you look furry and like you’ve tried to hard, whereas blotting paper just mattifies your face, leaving it looking naturally nice. Some blotting papers even have ingredients such as tea tree oil, which naturally makes the face less oily.

If you don’t have any blotting paper at home and read this too late, you can use coffee filters. Sometimes, even using the back of your hand can be effective enough, especially if you’re just a little shiny on your nose.

Don’t Wash Your Hair the Same Day

If you are going for a cool updo, the very best thing is to wash the hair the day before or even two days before, as it will stay in place better if it isn’t newly washed. If you feel like it looks a bit greasy, use dry shampoo instead of washing it if possible.

It helps if you don’t put any products in it just after you washed it, as they will make it greasier. If any hair products you want to use work better on wet hair you can simply spray some water in the hair before using them.

Put on the Jewelry Last

To keep your jewelry looking nice, put it on last after you’ve used body butters, perfumes and whatever else you might put on your skin. Otherwise, they will start to look dull, and silver jewelry gets tarnished from perfume. Be extra careful with pearls, which are quite sensitive.

Make it a rule that jewelry always is the last step when you get ready.

Bring Blister Plasters

Are you going to wear nice, high heels? In that case, it is important that you bring blister plasters, especially if you haven’t worn them much recently. There is nothing worse than dancing in shoes that are hurting you. Put on the plasters as soon as you feel that the shoes are rubbing your heels or toes, don’t wait until you are bleeding, then it’s too late!

You can also bring trainers or other comfortable shoes so that you have something to change into if you get fed up with hurting feet. And make sure to practice walking in your heels beforehand so that you know how to walk nicely in them. There is nothing flattering with not being able to walk properly!

The Vaseline Trick

Want your perfume to last all night long? Apply Vaseline behind your ears, on your neck, and/or on your wrists before you apply perfume. It will make the scent last much longer. Moisturised skin is better at keeping the scent active than dry skin.

Another trick is to spray a cloud of perfume that you quickly walk through. This will spread the scent out more evenly.

Don’t keep your perfumes in the bathroom as wet, warm environments actually will make them smell less. Keep them in your bedroom instead and your scents will smell much more!

And finally one last perfume tip: if you put perfume on your wrists, don’t rub them together, that will ruin the top notes and the scent won’t stay for as long as if you just let it dry on its own.

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