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Get longer lashes- Eyelash serum, lash extensions or fake lashes?

We all dream of long lashes if we don’t have them already. And if we do, we probably wish that they were just a tiny bit longer. But how can you make your lashes longer? Should you use an eyelash serum, get lash extensions or perhaps fake lashes?
The three methods all have their pros and cons, so let’s find out more about them to come up with the perfect solution for you!

Eyelash serum- natural and simple

An eyelash serum is a product that you use at the root of your lashes to nourish them. It not only makes the lashes longer but also fuller and darker. It is easy to use and the results are often very good. Of course, your lashes will look natural with this method, because they are your natural lashes.
If you like natural beauty and don’t feel like going to a salon once a month or glue on fake lashes that are hard to apply, then this is the product for you.


• Easy to apply

• A natural look perfect for mascara

• Darker and thicker lashes

• Long-lasting results


You need to apply it every evening for about a month

Who should try it?

Anybody who wants nicer lashes can try an eyelash serum. It’s an affordable way to improve your lashes and they will become longer, thicker, and darker. Even those who are wearing eyelash extensions can use Xlash eyelash serum since it’s water-based.

Lash extensions- dramatic and instant

What if you don’t have a month to grow long lashes? Perhaps you have a wedding to attend in the weekend. What are you going to do then? Well, one option is to get eyelash extensions. This is a method that is perfect for those who want an instant result and don’t mind spending some money to get it.

Lash extensions can be customized so that you get the length and volume that you are dreaming of. And if you go to a good lash artist, the results can be amazing. But it seems that the art of eyelash extensions is quite hard to master, and unfortunately, there are quite a few eyelash extensions we’ve seen the past few years that have been tacky and unnatural-looking. So if you decide to go for extensions, make sure you find someone who knows what they’re doing!


• Instant results

• Customizable length and volume

• Lasts for 3-4 weeks


• Expensive

• You can’t use oil-based products with them

• You can’t use waterproof mascara or liquid eyeliner

• Some people are allergic to the glue

Who should try it?

If you don’t mind spending money on beauty treatments and have time to go to a salon once a month to get a refill, you might want to try lash extensions. These are for people who are serious about their lashes, and it does take more commitment than using an eyelash serum or wearing fake lashes. Many people feel like it’s worth the effort, though.

Fake eyelashes- temporary and fun

If you’re going to a party you might just want to be able to pop your lashes on, wear them for one night and then go back to normal. Then fake lashes is the way to go. They require minimal expense and time (once you know how to apply them!) and they come in many fun shapes and sizes.

The biggest downside to them, however, is that many people find them impossible to put on. It does require a certain technique that takes some practice, so if you are going to wear fake lashes for a party the very first time, start practicing a week ahead, because otherwise, you will without doubt run late.


• Many cool options

• Super for parties

• Affordable


• Hard to apply for beginners

• Time-consuming

• Often look fake (surprise!)

Who should try it?

As long as you’re not wearing eyelash extensions, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try fake lashes if you haven’t already. If you’re interested in makeup and beauty, it’s good to know how to apply them and they do come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colours. You can get them with feathers, glitter, and who-knows-what. Feeling experimental? Then buy yourself some fake lashes!

Finding the right lashes for you

It’s not always easy choosing what kind of lashes to go for. Obviously, it’s hard to go wrong with your own lashes, so an eyelash serum works for everyone. You can even use Xlash eyelash serum when you’re wearing extensions since it’s water-based!
Eyelash extensions are super if you don’t feel like applying mascara every morning but still want to look like you’ve made an effort. And fake eyelashes are a fun way to get long lashes fast if you want to look your best at a wedding or a party.
The key to choosing the right solution for you is to think about when and why you want long lashes. Do you want super long lashes every single day, or is it just for those special occasions? Would you like to stop wearing mascara completely or are you still going to use some but just want your natural lashes to look extra stunning?
The good thing about it is that there is no right or wrong answer. You just choose the method that makes sense to you, and if you don’t like it, try something else! Eventually, you will find something you works for you and your lashes will be long and beautiful like never before.

Of course the more adventurous amongst you can try combining several of the above to get the most out of your lashes.

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