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4 Tips on how to take care of your eyelashes

The best way to take care of your eyelashes

An expressive glance is any woman’s dream, and nothing will accentuate the expressiveness and the beauty of your glance more than long and dense eyelashes. Unfortunately, not everyone is genetically gifted with such lashes. However, the right care of your lashes, about which many women often forget, is able to pay you back with your dream glance. Here we have listed some useful tips that will help you to provide the appropriate care for your lashes.

1. Always clean off your make-up before going to bed

Never go to bed with you make-up on! This is a number-one rule in taking care of your lashes. It sounds to be so evident and simple, but sometimes women neglect it. It has probably happened to every woman to come home after a long day very tired, and go to bed without even cleaning the face. Starting from this day, you never do this again! If you want to have healthy and dense lashes you should always fully put off your make-up before going to bed. Keep in mind that your face, including your lashes, needs some “rest” at night as well as you do. So, every night you go to bed, make sure your make-up is off.

2. Use specific make-up removal products for eyes

For removing make-up from your eyes, it is highly recommended to use special products designed specifically for the eye area, as often a general make-up cleanser is not able to fully remove the mascara. Additionally, while putting off your-make up, you should be very careful, that is, do not rub your eye excessively when you try to put off your mascara, as it usually results in lash loss.

3. Provide nourishment for lashes

If you dream about long and dense lashes, you ought to think about applying special nourishing products, such as eyelash serum. This product is the latest innovation in cosmetology.  Eyelash serum represents a lash enhancer, which you will help you to grow longer healthy lashes in just several weeks. The product contains natural nourishing ingredients and vitamins, which encourage natural growth of your lashes. Presently, eyelash serum is in high demand among women all over the world, as it is something that really works. For a better result, it is recommended to apply the product on clean lashes before going to bed.  If you will apply the product on regular basis, after several weeks, you will see a significant improvement: your lashes will become much longer and denser. Some women even say that after applying serum for a certain period, they even refrained from using mascara.

4. Select the appropriate cosmetics

Now about your mascara! While buying mascara, always read the ingredients it contains. Try to avoid mascara that contains ethel alcohol as it excessively dries lashes, and by this it causes lash breakage. Always go for paraben and phthalates free products.

So, if you want to have stunning lashes that guarantee a stunning glance, you should deserve it. If you will follow all of these recommendations, you will assure that your glance will not leave anyone indifferent.

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