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3 Useful steps to have longer eyelashes

How to grow longer lashes

According to modern statistics, over 75 % of women wish to possess longer lashes. The truth behind this fact is very simple: long lashes always make your glance more impressive and enchanting.  This is the reason why many women today use fake lashes and lash extension. However, if you dream about longer and denser eyelashes, these two are not the only options. In this article, we have come up with the most essential steps you need to follow, in order to grow longer eyelashes.

1. Provide your eyelashes with regular care

As well as every part of your body, your eyelashes require appropriate care. One of the most important rules in providing care of your lashes is to fully remove the mascara from your lashes, before you go to bed. While putting off the make-up, women sometimes do not pay much attention to lashes. Moreover, often some mascara left on the lashes is not even visible for an eye. In this respect, while removing your make-up from eyes, always use special cleansers, particularly designed for this area.  In addition, make sure that you clean your eyes very gently, as rubbing your eyes often results in additional eyelash loss. Do not neglect this advice, as the mascara left on your lashes overnight make them brittle and causes breakages. Besides, following this advice, you will minimize the risk of eye infection, which is often caused by the left on mascara.

2. Nourish your lashes

Nowadays, the cosmetic market provides you with a lot of lash nourishing products, and one of the most effective ones, present in the market today, is eyelash growth serum UK.  Eyelash serum is an innovative eyelash enhancer, which stimulates the natural growth of your lashes. Vitamins and natural nourishing elements, contained in it, boost lash growth, and as a result, after a few weeks of applying eyelash growth serum UK regularly, you will notice that your lashes are significantly longer and denser. For the best effect, use it on clean lashes before you go to bed.

3. Choose the right mascara

If you want longer lashes, you should be attentive with every cosmetic product you put on your lashes. In particular, you must be very careful while selecting a mascara. Before you choose one, do not be lazy, but carefully read what it contains.  Stay away from products, which contain ethel alcohol, as it very damaging for the lashes and often causes lash loss.  Make your choice in favor of paraben free products. In addition, always remember that eyelashes are very fragile, so apply the mascara very gently so as not to damage them.

Thus, if you take some time to follow these three easy steps, after some time, you will notice that your glance will become very expressive due to your longer healthier lashes.

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